• Soups

    Caldo de Pata (GF)


    Cows Foot soup, prepared w/ yucca, carrots, and guisquil (chayote) in rich beef broth (corn on the cob)


    Sided with: Rice, Corn Cob

    Caldo de Gallina (GF)


    Hearty Noodle soup seasoned with apozote, chopped bell pepper, green onion, served with rilled Hen and avocado on the side


    Sided with: Rice

    Kaq'ik (GF)


    Hen soup cooked in a red broth made with a variety of sweet and savory chilies, annatto seed (achiote), coriander and other spices (served w/ a Chipilin tamale)


    Sided with: A Chipilin tamale, Rice

    Caldo de Res (GF)


    Hearty Beef soup w/ potatoes, carrots, yucca, cabbage, corn on the cob, and quisquli (chayote)


    Sided with: Rice, Corn Cob

    Caldo de Mariscos (GF)


    Seafood soup made w/ Catfish, Prawns, Shelled Mussels, Baby Octopus, and Calamari (in a blended mix of bell peppers, celery, onions, garlic, tomato, cilantro)


    Sided with: Rice