• Desserts

    Rellenitos de Platano (GF)


    Steamed plantains mashed and filled with sweet black refried beans. Fried to order served w/ crema

    Platanos Frito (GF)


    Sweet fried plantains served with crema

    Platanos en Mole (GF)


    Steamed plantains covered with sweet mole sauce and sprinkled w/ toasted sesame seeds. Topped w/ crema

    Atol de Elote (GF)


    Our 'dessert in a cup' is freshly shaved corn from the cob, cooked with milk, sugar and cinnamon. It is served w/ a splash of sweet whole corn kernels

    Borracho 'Drunk' Cake - Seasonal


    Sponge cake soaked in (guatemalan) rum based syrup, topped w/ in house whipped cream, powdered sugar and seasonal berries