• Appetizers

    Taquitos (GF, V)


    Corn tortilla rolled w/ chicken picadillo. (topped with fresh guac, tomato sauce, cotija cheese, onions, and chopped parsley)

    Tostadas (GF, V)

    8.5 (half order 5.5)

    In-house fried corn tortillas topped w/ Chicken picadillo, fresh guac, and black bean purée (garnished w/ cotija queso, chopped parsley, and red onions)

    Mixed "Ceviche" Tostadas (GF)


    - Two topped w/ cooked Shrimp in Guatemalan mixture (fresh mint, red onions, lime juice, cilantro)
    - Two topped w/ chilled Beef (seasoned with grapefruit juice, fresh mint, radish, red onions, and tomatoes)

    Guatemalan Salad (GF, V)


    Spring mix greens with toasted pumpkin seeds, queso fresco, red onion, tomato, avocado, and cucumbers tossed in a parsley based Guatemalan dressing.

    Guatemalan Tamale (GF) - Seasonal


    Corn masa tamale wrapped in organic banana leaves stuffed with Chicken, bell pepper, raisins, capers, olives, prunes and mayan mole sauce

    Mixed Tamales (GF, V)


    Corn masa tamales wrapped in corn husk
    - One mayan curry Chicken topped w/ tomato sauce and grated cheese
    - One Veggie made w/ chipilin (imported veggie) topped w/ grated cheese (served with a dollop of black beans and crema)

    Longanizas a la carte (GF)


    House made Spicy Pork sausages stuffed w/ organic habanero, bell peppers, fresh mint, and other spices (topped w/ grilled onions)

    Guac + Chips (GF)


    Chopped red onions, tomato, cilantro, w/ special home made seasonings. Served with unsalted Tostada chips

    Guatemalan Enchiladas (GF)


    Red beets, house made meat sauce, slice of hard boiled egg garnished w/ red onions, queso fresco, and parsley all served on top of a tostada chip